Amazing Facts about Magic Mushrooms

Facts of Magic Mushrooms

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Known for their psychedelic effects on users, magic mushrooms are being used since ancient times. After centuries today, there is a lot of stigma associated with this drug and clinical trials and research have been carried out to demystify the magical powers they possess. They are known to deliver medical benefits when used under controlled conditions. Here are some of the most interesting facts about shrooms.

1. There are about 200 Different Species

Psilocybin mushrooms are categorized into two main categories with the biggest group producing hallucinogens like psilocin. They cover over 180 species found in different parts of the world. This group contains varied genres but collectively called ‘psilocybin mushrooms’. The other category is smaller but offers a rich religious history. They also produce hallucinogens called ibotenic acid. When you browse magic mushrooms online, you can find them in an extensive variety with varying effects.

2. Their Origin goes back to Millennia

It is not clear when humans discovered these fungi but evidences suggest that people used them for religious purposes thousands of years ago. Many species of mushrooms were classified as ‘divine’ and used for different rituals in different parts of the world. Old theories also suggest that these fungi enhanced the brain power and culture.

Psilocybin Therapy

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3. They can Improve Brain Health

Though categorized as a dangerous drug, shrooms available online have been found to be safe and possess potential to aid in a number of health problems. The drug can help get rid of addiction to nicotine, cocaine and other drugs. They are also a beneficial psychiatric drug and have promising benefits for anxiety, depression and stress. Studies have found that magic mushrooms can relieve anxiety in people diagnosed with life-threatening conditions like cancer.

4. Psilocybin can Get Rid of Ego

Users of psychedelic mushrooms report losing the sense of self under the effects. Though this dissolving of ego is temporary, there are many long-lasting effects people benefit from. The dissolution of ego opens up way for awareness, a feeling of connectedness with the world. Such an experience can change the user’s perspective of the world and outlook towards others. This sense of connection also benefits people dealing with mental illnesses.

Psilocybin Effects

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5. It Reorganizes the Brain

Psilocybin is known to bind with serotonin receptor in the brain that causes a lot of changes to perception of senses. Apart from mood changes and euphoria, users report an abstract sense of elevated consciousness. A study involving some volunteers noted activity spike in the brains and the MRI found a big difference in brain’s organization. Researchers also found that psilocybin binds with receptors responsible for healing. This is why it is known that magic mushrooms can repair and grow brain cells, benefiting people suffering from mental problems like depression.

The old beliefs and impression of magic mushrooms now seem to change quickly. Many countries have taken steps to decriminalize the use of this drug. High quality shrooms are now available online for users living in different regions. Psilocybin was also declared as an innovative treatment for depression and it was recently found that it has no adverse effects on cognitive function.

Cannabis Edibles Canada

The Beginner’s Guide To Canadian Edibles

What Beginners Need To Know About Edibles In Canada

In the past, cannabis edibles in Canada were limited to a plate of brownies. But the scenario has changed significantly in the last few years. Plus, the legalization of recreational marijuana has opened doors to explore the various possibilities and effects of the weeds and buds. In today’s legal and contemporary marijuana market, ‘edibles’ is an umbrella term used to define all types of foods and beverages that are infused with cannabis.

Even though the commercially prepared edibles are considered a new concept and you can recently find them in Canada, humans have been consuming weed long before brownies came into existence. Our ancestors relied on the medicinal properties of weed to cure many ailments.

Impact Of Legalization On Canadian Edibles

When the first wave of cannabis legalization came into being, it did not bring good news for the customers. The edible lovers especially were slightly disappointed as they could not find many options available in the dispensaries. However, as the second phase of cannabis legalization was introduced in October 2019, and the consumers finally had some good news worth rejoicing.

There are some strict rules surrounding the dosage and marketing of the edibles.  For example, they can only include a maximum of 10 milligrams of THC per item. Even then, these items are not matched to the culinary confections prepared at home. When talking about the popularity of weed, about half of the population said that they would like to consume infused edibles once every three months. Some of the popular types of products include chocolates, gummy bears, brownies, cookies, and Deloitte Canada. You can find them at

How These Consumables Impact Canadian Weed Market

According to reports, it is estimated that the weed market in Canada can be at least $1.6 billion per year, while the beverages can reach up to $529 million. Even though it has taken a significantly longer time for the consumables to get legalized and arrive in the marketplace, experts believe that they can change the face of the market. Besides the food segment, the introduction of cannabis-infused eatables also threaten to impact the alcohol industry as people start preferring these drinks over alcoholic beverages.

Another important section of the consumables market is the sublinguals that come in the form of oral sprays and tinctures that are directly administered to the mouth. Unlike the cookies, bars, and brownies, these are instantly absorbed by the body and they also get metabolized much quickly. The biggest difference between the consumables and sublinguals is that the former need to make the trip down to the stomach in order to be absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract. The latter, on the other hand, is immediately absorbed by the membranes beneath the tongue. Other than the amount of time taken to show effects, there’s also a difference in the intensity of each.

Future Of Cannabis-Infused Foods And Beverages

How would it feel to crack open a can of cannabis-infused drink instead of a bottle of beer to celebrate the special occasions? Let’s take a quick look at what the future has in store. A company named Zenabis hopes to make this a reality and it has its eyes set on the booze industry. As per the insider sources, the company has already sealed a pact with an unidentified beverage technology company in Canada to produce a wide range of beverages. The company claims that you will be able to see the effects in less than 5 minutes.

Hexo is another brand that plans to release the THC-infused drinks and CBD-infused spring water to the market under the name of its subsidiary brand. The company is also working on developing new cannabis-infused drinks that are free of alcohol. There’s another company that has partnered with popular beverages brands to come up with cannabinoid-infused products that have the ability to make effects felt in less than 10 minutes. The customers can expect to have more such announcements coming on its way.

Cannabis Infused Beverages

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Varieties Of Cannabis-Infused Food

When we think of foods, the most common items that come to mind are baked goods. However, if you are thinking about traditional forms of cooking then there are options like pasta sauces and oils including THC or CBD. There are several types of recipes that allow you to substitute vegetable oil with cannabis-infused oil to reap the benefits. If you are not enthusiastic about cooking yourself, then we recommend that you hire out the work to expert chefs that travel across Canada to create intimate dinner parties with marijuana-infused food and drinks.

Candies, Bars, and Gummies

These three are the most popular types of marijuana-infused consumables. They are highly discreet in their method of consumption and similar to the other types of eatables as they do not produce any smoke or smoky flavor. Although we usually relate candies and chocolates to kids, the rules regarding their consumption among young children are strict. So, you can expect the package to be child-proof and sterile.

Edibles Chocolate Canada

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Safety Measures To Keep In Mind

While the cannabis-infused products are gaining in popularity, they are still not suitable and safe for kids. Hence, you should be careful about keeping them away from the hands of little children and pets too. You should also always take small dosages first and wait until you see the effects before adjusting the dosage accordingly.

Cannabis Affecting Factor

If you ask a number of smokers about their favorite strain, you may get a number of different answers. Some may want their high to be buzzy while others want it mellow; some like to feel it in their head while others in the body. A lot of factors come into play when it comes to personal preferences about enjoying cannabis. However, there are some factors outside personal affecting your high. Today when the market has so many diverse products from concentrates and CBD Edibles to pills and cbd pre-rolls, it is important to learn about how you can get the experience you desire.

Understanding the conditions affecting your high is important as it can help you achieve better experiences with various strains and narrow down what works best for you.

Here are the most common factors that affect your marijuana high.


The environment you choose plays a vital role in deciding the effect of cannabis and it should be taken seriously. Smoking the same strain on two different days can bring different experiences. As different conditions affect your high, it is essential to consider your comfort level before trying anything. You may know that the time before bed is the best for you to get high or that getting high before entering a crowdy room gets you anxious. You can easily figure out what settings and surroundings work best for you and prepare to enjoy the best cannabis high.


Finding the right dose is often tricky, particularly when you opt for CBD Edibles or some new strain. You can choose from various CBD marketplaces including It is important to start slow and keep patience. Dosing is, in fact, the most important factor that affects your high. Too little may not give you the feel you wanted and too much may disturb you. Hitting the right spot and knowing what your right spot is can make a whole lot of difference when enjoying cannabis products.

Delivery Method

Eating CBD Edibles, smoking and vaping cannabis in different forms are some of the ways to consume cannabis but all these delivery methods have their own variables. Hitting a vape and eating a brownie, affect you in different ways. Your body is meant to process cannabis from different delivery methods differently and the quantity you ingest also differs between any two methods. The duration of high with CBD Edibles is quite longer and effects are often stronger as compared to other methods of cannabis delivery.




No two people in the world are alike and this applies to cannabis tolerance as well. The tolerance of a person depends on the age and other factors like body chemistry, frequency of consumption and how long one has been smoking. It is really important to know one’s tolerance so as to be able to decide how little or how much you can consume. This is more important when you want to consume with others with different tolerances.

Only you can identify your tolerance and help yourself get the cannabis high you want – whether it is enjoyment, medical benefits, pain relief or something else.